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Tri July

One of our harder challenges but one that has proved to be a super popular.  If you like it, you can download the poster below and add any rules you like.   Here’s the rules we have used.
  • Take the whole month of July to complete the Ironman distances. Do a little each day or a lot.
  • You can use indoor bikes and treadmills for some or all of the distances, providing they record your distance. No guesstimating.
  • ‘Swimming’ means most of your body is submerged in water, you’re moving under your own steam and when your feet touch the ground you can’t move forward and include that in your distance. However, you can use flotation devices like kick boards, life vests and flippers. You can also dog paddle, do freestyle or aqua jog it.
  • If there is no pool within 20 km, you can do a 5 km paddle/kayak on a lake or 5 km on an indoor rower, to replace the swimming leg.


Of course you’d dish out a few awards for best photo, best outfit, most outlandish location, and to the person who roped in the most others to give it a shot.  And maybe a few performance prizes for the first ten to finish, and maybe for the person who completes the most Ironman distances (we had an entrant who did the whole distance 11 times over in the one month!). Have fun.

Keen to play, or have it up our sleeve ready to go for next July? Download these resources.

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