12 Months of Challenges


HOLD UP!  NEW EDITION DUE OUT JUNE 1st, 2021 with added section to help you improve any and all Challenges you roll out at your workplace!

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12 unique and useful, health and fitness challenges for your workplace. One for each month of the year, with posters and certificates.

While there are some wacky challenges in this guide, they are not built on wacky research. The challenges cater for a wide range of fitness levels, abilities, personality types and preferences, from the ‘let’s-do-100-push-ups-before-breaky’ crew to the ‘I’d-rather-have-a-hot-chocolate’ crew.

For the most part the Challenges can be done solo, from home, with others, at the office, online, in teams. They use minimal equipment, most of which will be readily available.

I’ve created loads of Challenges, used by 1000s and had lots of awesome feedback. I have now started publishing some of my favourites for everyone to access.

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