COVID-19 update

Our resources are well suited to those in lockdown and WFH staff . For a limited time registered exercise professionals can also access these for use with gym members and PT clients.

Could you throw your pet 4 meters to save its life? How about crawl along the ground for 20 meters in a smoke filled building?

Help improve the functional fitness levels of staff with these 50 unique ‘survival’ themed health and fitness challenges.

Heaps of choice. All levels of fitness and a wide range of abilities catered for. Roll out over a few weeks or a few months.

Join the Chase! Take a month or three to train up for one hour fitness event.  Filled with mini 10 – 30 second challenges, the Chase will help your team improve in the areas of balance, strength, flexibility, grip strength, power, speed, proprioception and cardiovascular fitness.

Offers heaps of choice, caters for wide range of fitness levels, abilities and preferences.

Catch Me If You Can with a foxy fox

The essential micro break programme for all office workplaces. Ridiculously cheap at just $49.  Zilch technology required. Super easy to roll out.

Win dosh and resources for rolling out a health or fitness initiative at your workplace.

Yes!  This is the excuse you always needed to paint a netball court in the car park and turn the store room into a no lights, no lycra, disco.

Workplace challenge prizes and cash and certificate

‘Our staff loved the Catch Fitness programme we used.  We’ll be signing up for more for sure’