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Support your customers on the road to health and fitness via your products and services, and our bespoke challenges.

  • Build your brand
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  • Raise dosh and awareness for a great cause
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We can use popular occasions and events, or ones unique to your business. We’ll tie them in with your chosen products and services, sponsors and community and weave in ideas to support everyone on the road to better health and fitness.


These are the drafts for some MOvember challenges which also needed to have a Mediterranean flavour to them.

A Mediterranean Movember ‘MEMO’: Greek Restaurant

MEMO being short for Mediterranean Movember.  Marketing wise this will have leg. Focus could also be on ‘Me’ i.e. the ‘Me’ in Men, the bloke himself.

Challenge entry includes: Two x dinners for men, but not exclusively men:  4 weeks apart and each includes a 3 course meal with a glass of Assyrtiko.

First night: Men’s health presentation and health benefits of Mediterranean diets presentation.   Before photo of everyone’s face on the night with MEMO ‘frame’ promoting our business, the cause and the date. Attendees take home a MEMO Greek Tea Towel with picture of our restaurant on it. Challenge is to grow the best mo and to complete ten health checks. Health checks include: Blood pressure, cholesterol, prostate, VO2, RHH etc and they can tick as ‘done’ if completed anytime in the 11 months prior.

Four week’s later: Retake the photo showing their new mos.  Presentation: Healthy versions of Greek desserts, history, tasting of different ones and providing everyone with signature recipe for Halva.  Greek music and dancing.  Prizes given out.

Price: $150 pp includes three course meal at the beginning and end of the month,  photos, presentations, prizes, music. $20 from each ticket goes to prostate cancer.  Prizes for best mos and everyone who completed the 10 health checks goes into a draw for more prizes.

Grow Mo’s and Tomatoes: Gardening Centre

Aim: To help raise awareness and money for prostate cancer.

The Challenge: Entrants have four weeks to grow a moustache and eight weeks to grow tomatoes.

Prizes: Top 10 – For growing the best of both.

Entry: Free entry with every purchase from your store of $20 or more.  Purchaser receives a code for use on your website enabling them to officially enter and to download the online entry pack.

Entry pack online: Prostate/men’s health guide, tomato growing guide, nutritional info about tomatoes and Mediterranean diets, ideas and recipes of what to do with an oversupply of tomatoes – chutney, sauces etc. Rules of the competition. Digital profile sticker for use in social media.

Start-up pack instore: Optional. Tomato seeds, pot, soil, stakes, ties, etc.

Conditions: Entrants upload a photo of themselves with their seeds in the place they intend to grow the tomatoes.  Four weeks later they take another photo in the same place showing the progress of both their mo and their tomato.  Eight weeks later they take a final photo of their tomatoes.  (They don’t need to grow the mo for a full eight weeks).   Judges: A dietitian, a chef and a gardener make the final decision as to the winners.

Options on growing a mo: For people who can’t or don’t want to grow mo’s inclusive of kids, would be to make healthy cookies in the shape of moustaches.  Start-up cookie making pack (optional to buy from affiliate business/or via webpage) could include cookie cutter and silicone non-stick baking mat.  With prize for healthiest, best looking mo cookie at the four-week stage of the comp.

Money raising opportunities:

  • Entrants encouraged to give their produce to friends/workmates promoting the cause and inviting them to donate money to Prostate Cancer.
  • Gardening centre donates $x from each tomato or cookie start-up pack to Prostate Cancer or to help fund people from lower socio-economic areas/families to get a tomato start up-pack.
  • Entrants can donate money to help fund those ‘in need’ to also pick up a tomato start-up pack. Any left over dosh goes to prostate cancer.

Why everyone will love this challenge

  • Raises money and awareness for prostate cancer,
  • It encourages more people to start growing their own vegetables in an easy, manageable way.
  • People will learn about the health benefits of tomatoes, inclusive of their cancer fighting properties.
  • It could help fund poorer families into growing their own vegetables via the money raising opportunity mentioned above.
  • Encourage people to make their own tomato sauce, one of the saltiest and sugar filled products on the market.
  • Sharing produce means more people find out about the cause and its flow on benefits in a tangible way.

Italian cooking classes – Pizza, Pasta and Prostates: Dietitians

Week 1: Workshop: Sunday : ‘Pizza base making’.  Four different healthy pizza bases to choose from. Plus, how to freeze and store, bases and toppings for ‘last minute’ future use. Pizza Toppings: Vegetarian, kid friendly and sweet.  How to make, what they need, inside tips and history.  Plus, prostate health tips. Then the entrant’s turn to make pizzas and post pics.

Week 2: Workshop: Sunday: ‘Pasta’. What is healthy pasta, how to make, cook, store it, etc.  Plus, fish and vegetarian pasta topping ideas.  Plus, prostate health tips. Then entrants make their own pasta dishes.

Week 3 and 4 final challenges.

  • ‘Pass it on’: Teach your buddies to cook either healthy pasta or pizza via video or in person and pass on prostate health tips   Optional: Charge money which all goes to MOvember prostate cancer cause.
  • ‘A dinner party’. Cook pasta or pizza for other men in your life and pass on prostate health tips them.  Optional: Charge money and donate to prostate cancer cause.
  • ‘Pot luck’: With us and all the other entrants. Everyone brings a dish to share?  We have a party/stall and sell, money raised goes to prostate cancer.

Sign up pack:  Includes shopping list,  Italian cooking music playlist, prostate health handbook, digital sticker for use on social media, recipes.

$59. Entry fee. $10 to prostate cancer.

FREE FREE – This November only

 We are looking for businesses outside of the health and fitness industry to create these challenges for.

 Whether you’re an insurance company, furniture store,  car mechanic’s workshop, dentist surgery, hairdressing salon whatever, there’s a health and fitness challenge just begging to rise from it and we’d love to help you find it.

 There’s no obligation for you to use them and no dosh to pay us if you do.

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