About Us

The Mission

To improve the health and fitness of workplace staff.


There’s already a plethora of great workplace programmes so our aim is to bring new stuff to the table.  Gap filling resources which are simple, unique and effective – more specifically ones which are not location dependent and for the most part don’t require apps or computers or staff training. Resources that are well priced, can be rolled out to a few people or a few thousand, are based on solid research and  can be used alongside other programmes without upsetting their developers but which also stand strong on their own if you are looking for options to get the wellness ball rolling at your workplace.

To be clear, we are a huge fan on-site, in person, programme delivery – our lead developer having done it for near on 20 years knows there’s no substitute for it.  We’re also a huge fan of wellness apps, particularly those offering biofeedback to staff.  Use them all we say. Our focus is on creating useful goodies that we just couldn’t find elsewhere.

These programmes are created in Australia and New Zealand and you’ll find a growing number of the resources will be available with a little Noongar (First Nation people from south western Australia) and te reo Māori (New Zealand/Aotearoa).

History of Success

Our previous challenge was rolled out to almost 3000 people and included much of the material that is now divided over several of these workplace resources.  99% of entrant feedback recommended our last challenge.  We look forward to posting similar results here about these current offerings during 2020.

Check out some of the awesome results they achieved.

Lead developer

That would be me. Broni Mac. Officially Bronwyn McSweeney

  • After working as a lawyer in Australia I shifted gears and embarked on a career in recreation and fitness which I’ve now been involved with for 20 years.
  • In 2011 I won the Outstanding Contribution to the Industry Award, at the NZ Exercise Industry Awards.  In 2010 I won Lecturer of the Year and was Finalist in the Bella Mentor Award.
  • I have written health and fitness articles for several publications and produced some 30 mini magazines a year for more that 10 years for use by personal trainers and their clients.
Me, Broni Mac, leading a session at a workplace
Article by Amanda Cropp - NEXT Magazine.

Other stuff

  • Educator roles include: Lecturer AUT (Auckland University of Technology), tutor at ARA (The Ara Institute of Technology), tutor the NZ Institute of Sport’s Sportzone and guest presenter at NZ Institute of Health and Fitness,  Southern Institute of Technology and Te Kura Matatini ki Otago and running over 300 on going educational workshops for exercise professionals.
  • Presenter at conferences: GetActiveNZ, FitEx, Tonic, YMCA and the Exercise Association Business Grow.
  • Advisory roles with the NZ Qualification Authority – TRoQ (Targeted Review of Qualifications) board and Active Canterbury Network.
  • Reviewer and auditor of exercise industry educational courses with REPs (The Register of Exercise Professionals).
  • Judge at the New Zealand Exercise Industry Awards.

Special thanks

There are so many people who have contributed to the success of Catch Fitness but in regards to these workplace programmes a special thanks needs to go out to the award winning Russell Graham.

Russell was my tutor at ARA and he taught me physiology and anatomy.  He also provided me with my first ever opportunities to work in his Pepsa workplace programmes.  The amount he taught me was beyond massive.  He was incredibly generous with his time, his advice and with how much he paid me.  The guy is a true legend who has nurtured 100s if not 1000s of students and continues to do so to this day.