Me Time


Note: The ME Time programme works best when staff can perform the exercises with others, at the same time, either virtual or face to face.

Print off, or distribute digitally, unlimited copies of the following for use at your named workplace:-

  1. ME Time Guide with tips to ensure the programme’s success and evaluate outcomes.
  2. Two ME Time posters each with 24 cleverly designed exercises on them. Suitable for all sizes up to A3.
  3. Four different posters to remind and inform people of why ME Time is important. Suitable for all sizes up to A3.
  4. Cut-outs to stick in random spots to remind staff to move more, more often.

BONUS: Both of the exercise posters are available with with a little te reo Māori (NZ) on them or Noongar (First Nations WA).  These files are  included with your purchase.

Read more about the Me Time programme here.



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