Survive Entry


An optional extra for those who have already purchased the Survive game, and want some added motivation to ‘survive’.

What it requires you to do:

1.Entrants need to have their 30 chosen tasks verified as being successfully completed by one or more of the following:

A NZ REPs/AusREPs Personal Trainer (PT), Gym Instructor or Group Fitness Instructor, an Accredited Exercise Physiologist or anyone with a Bachelor of Physical Education! And the cost of utilizing an exercise professional to verify your tasks is not included in your entry.

2. All tasks need to be done between the date you purchase your entry and the next September 28th with proof of completion emailed to us by midnight October 1st.

You don’t need to do all the tasks live in front of a verifier i.e. you could instead show them proof of you having done them via say videos, photos, screenshots, workmates vouching for you etc.

What you get: Everyone who survives, by completing 30 tasks before the deadline receives a Catch Fitness Survived Award Certificate, and even better, gets to survive!  Each year we also dish out performance awards for:- 1) fastest to complete all 30 tasks, 2) most tasks completed, 3) oldest to complete, 4) most tasks done by one family, and 5) best photo/video.