Here you will find links to products and programmes, articles, research and free stuff which you should find useful no matter where in the world you are located.  It includes our own resources but also other cool ones we have found on the journey.  No one pays us to be mentioned on this page and we’re always on the hunt for more good stuff.

Other resources

  • Health policy: If you are at the beginnings of putting together a health policy for your workplace check out  
  • Desks: Limber desks go quickly and easily from standing, to seated, to being able to use cross-legged sitting on the floor!
  • Articles:Dr Bill Sukala is an award-winning professional health writer, regularly consulted by media and a presenter at conferences.  Check out his array of easy to read articles on popular topics.
  • On line epigenetics health: Dr Cameron McDonald is an expert in genetics and epigenetics. The health and fitness programme he supports in the corporate environment is called Ph360.
  • Co-working spaces: Ideal for freelancers but also brilliant for those who want to escape their office for the day.  Complete with podcast recording rooms, media rooms, gyms, meals, and accommodation, like this one in Sydney from Kafnu.

Articles and research 

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