Workplace Wellness Magazines

Step 1: Choose your magazines

Choose from our growing number of magazines, chock full of useful healthy snippets and no advertising.

For just $5, print out as many copies as you like of a magazine and/or distribute digitally to the staff at your workplace.

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Why you want these mags

Health and fitness magazines and books look sooooo boring…or so our clients tells us.  Many told us they would never buy one and even if they were given one, they wouldn’t read it.

However, they did agree that if we tore the average magazine in to say 10 pieces, or a book into it’s chapters,  and gave them just one piece every week or two they would probably read it.  Providing as well that those pieces were:- applicable to their situation,  from a reliable source and with no or very little advertising.

So we went on to produce 20 very short magazines, containing the bare essentials of helpful, healthy information and distributed just one a week to some 3000 customers. Happily, year after year, 99% of the feedback recommended those mags.

We’ve now collated the topics and articles most relevant to workplace staff and produced these timeless little Catch Fitness magazines, filled with bite size chunks of healthy information.   Email a copy to everyone and print off a few hard copies for the staff room.

Step 2

Optional add ons!

Send us your business name and logo and we’ll add them to the covers of any magazines you purchase from us for a whole year, for just $29.

Alternatively make the magazines 100% yours!  For just $39 you’ll receive access to the easiest drop and drag editing programme ever, Canva, already used by 11 million people and enabling you to fully edit as many of your mags as you want for a 28 days. Add in pages and articles.  Use any of the 1000s of free pictures offered by Canva.