Mag 2


A content rich little 8 page magazine with no advertising.

  • Tips on how to party hard and not wake up heavier from having consumed 10,000 calories more than you should have
  • More tips on how to party hard without the hangover, or at least – less of one
  • Recipes for Limoncello and Mulled Wine
  • Alcohol intake guidelines

Downloads immediately. Can be printed your end (A5 double sided works a treat, as does A4) for leaving in your staff room. Perfect for sharing as PDFs, on line and in emails. Print a few of your favourite pages out and use as A3 posters.

If you would prefer to brand this magazine as all yours check out this option.

We are happy for you to distribute the magazine to all your staff at your workplace for free. The magazine cannot be sold or provided to non-staff.