Workplace Gyms

So you’re thinking about setting up a workplace gym?  Before you do, let’s chat.

Apart from working with a national supplier of commercial quality fitness equipment for several years, I’ve had years working in commercial gyms, home gyms, workplace gyms, outside gyms, community gyms, school gyms;  from the tiny to the huge and I can provide you with great ideas around;

  • what equipment works and what doesn’t,
  • what’s safe and what’s not,
  • what will last and what will break, and
  • what will actually get used and what won’t.

Tell me about your situation via my questionnaire and/or video, and I’ll help you put together a list of options. I’ll also give you tips on how to lay the equipment out.  And, if you want ideas on how to get your staff using your new swanky gym gear,  then I can do that too.

My advice is independent and unbiased. I am not paid by any equipment suppliers.  And you can have a full refund if my advice isn’t of value to you.

Below are my packages to suit you’re equipment budget.

Packages for every budget