Gym $3000 – $50,000


You’re probably looking for a few quality pieces of kit that can go the distance on being subjected to high use as well some extra ‘toys’ to fill the gaps.

You need your fitness space to meet specific goals which may include ensuring staff are stronger, fitter, less stressed and less prone to injury with fewer postural aches.

There are tons of factors to consider before you dive into buying anything. How many of your staff sitting all day? Do one in three experience back pain regularly?  Are many staff standing most of the day on a factory floor or having to move heavy items regularly ?   Is the most common injury for your staff in their shoulders? Are you wondering what type of equipment would be best for each different group and situation and if different size people,  genders and cultures would feel more comfortable on some pieces and not others?

If you would like our opinion on your unique situation, then book us on in.

What you get

  • A 33 point questionnaire for you to complete and fire back to us.   This addresses the needs of the staff, the limitations of the space, the onsite access you have to equipment instruction/fitness testing etc.
  • A report detailing our Plan A  choice of equipment for your space/s and staff.  The report will include: suggested number of pieces of each item, layout ideas, approximate cost as well as a few replacement and maintenance issues that may be relevant to your decision.
  • A Plan B list of some viable substitute pieces.
  • And a full refund if our report is no value to you.

What’s not included

We won’t always include brand names and/or specific models.  When we do specify brands, we will refer to suppliers that have outlet shops in your country.  When we don’t, we will list suggestions on how to choose quality pieces, as well as examples of the type of equipment.  We do not get paid by or take any kickback or commissions from fitness equipment suppliers.

We don’t buy the equipment for you or negotiate deals with suppliers.

We don’t guarantee that what you do end up buying is safe, high quality and suitable to your staff.  All purchases should be backed by those reassurances from the seller and include documentation to that effect.


Once you have emailed us your answers to the questionnaire, we will be in touch within 2 business days with any additional questions.  Within 21 days you’ll have the report.