Gym < $3000


So you’ve got a budget of  between a few $100 and $3000, but not sure on what equipment will give you the most bang for your buck. A Swiss ball or a medicine ball, a bunch of reaction balls or a bunch of stress balls,  a range of Gymsticks or foam Excrima sticks?  How about a Circuband Glute Band? Would a pull up bar be useful and safe or would a pegboard be better? How about a mini-tramp or a balance board?

Are you not sure what half those things even are?

When you don’t have a lot of dosh, it’s vitally important to get the best possible pieces of kit that you can; ones that will get the most use, are most beneficial to your team, and will last the longest.

Book us on in, and we will help you sort out the best kit for your situation.

What you get

  • A 33 point questionnaire for you to complete and fire back to us.   This addresses the needs of the staff, the limitations of the space, the onsite access you have to equipment instruction/fitness testing etc.
  • A report detailing our Plan A  choice of equipment for your space/s and staff.  The report will include the suggested number of pieces of each item, layout ideas, approximate cost as well as a few replacement and maintenance issues that may be relevant to your decision.
  • A Plan B list of some viable substitute pieces.
  • And a full refund if our report is no value to you.

What’s not included

Brand names and/or specific models are not usually included/recommended at this level, but suggestions on how to access quality equipment will be, as well as examples of the type of equipment we are suggesting.

We don’t buy the equipment for you or negotiate deals with suppliers.  We don’t make guarantees around what you do end up buying in terms of safety, quality and  suitability to your staff, which you should obtain from the equipment sellers directly.


Once you have emailed us your answers to the questionnaire, we will be in touch within two business days with any additional questions.  Within fourteen days you’ll have our report.