Gym $50,000+


If you have lots of staff and a large fitness space requiring commercial quality kit then this is the time to use one of the major fitness equipment suppliers.

Specialist fitness equipment suppliers, with physical outlets/showrooms in your country, will generally have highly knowledgeable and passionate staff. They will usually have kitted out a lot of gyms and very much care about the end user experience. I’ve seen what the likes of Precor, Life Fitness and Elite Fitness in New Zealand have pulled off and would say if you’re doing a $50,000 plus fit out, those big, credible type companies, are most definitely the ones to talk to. These are entities who will also be able to service the equipment or replace it if need be and offer leasing options.


Talk to the most experienced person at your choice of supplier about what you are trying to achieve. If possible, visit a gym they have set up and talk to the owner about how it all panned out.

Keep in mind that if you say that you want ten bikes and five rowers, they will likely sort you out with ten great bikes and five great rowers, to suit the anticipated level of use they are going to get.  However, what you want to before this stage is to determine if bikes and rowers are in fact the best option for your staff. If they are already sitting all day, then they may not be. Larger staff members may prefer treadmills, steppers and weight training to sitting on bikes, or trying to get up and down off rowers. If you have a bunch of personal trainers servicing your staff, they may be keen to have less equipment and more free space to work with and/or more free weights.

A good fitness equipment supplier won’t shy away from talking about the options.  They want you to be a success as much as you do and don’t want to be onsite servicing your equipment all the time, or having to replace it.   They also won’t shy away from recommending ‘extra’ items which they know will fill the gaps in making for a great gym, even though they don’t sell those pieces.

Second opinion?

If you’re going to be spending big dosh on new equipment, it’s useful to get the opinions of not just the fitness equipment supplier and your staff but also that of someone else who has wads of experience working with people, on the type of equipment you are considering.  Our focus, at Catch Fitness, is on servicing small to medium businesses and accordingly, we recommend you connect with a local accredited exercise physiologist or registered personal trainer who has worked with the type of people that make up your staff for their thoughts.

What next

Add this ‘package’ to your cart and our 33 point questionnaire will auto download.  Your answers to those questions will likely still prove useful to show your fitness equipment supplier, accredited exercise physiologist, personal trainer, etc.