CF Survive

5 Missions – 100 unique challenges

Could you throw a your pet 3 meters to save its life? Get up stairs on just one leg?Jump a curb on a wheelchair? Walk 2 km with 10 litres of water?  Walk backwards for 50 metres? Crawl along the ground for 20 metres?  Whistle loudly using two fingers? Juggle three items? Do you know how to measure your respiratory rate and what it means if it’s fast or slow?

We have put together 5 Missions, each a tad harder than the one before it. Each with 20 little challenges. All wrapped inside a crazy  story,  filled with real life survival scenarios.

Players need to succeed at their choice of just 12 of the 20 challenges to pass a Mission and receive their survival badge.

Reassuring details

CF Survive Badge - Workplace Health and Fitness programmes

Fitness levels and ability: A wide range of fitness levels and abilities are catered for. The earlier Missions are a little easier. Plus, there’s tons of choice as well as wheelchair friendly options.

Time frame: We don’t set a time-frame in which the Missions need to be achieved.  That’s up to you. We’d suggest allowing staff to do one a week.

Location: Challenges could be done at home or at work, depending on the nature of the challenge.

Solo or teams?: Virtually all of the challenges can be done solo or in teams.

Evidence: Every Challenge needs to be signed off as having been successfully completed by a work colleague. Not that the colleague needs to be with them when they do it, but they do need to see a video, a photo, or some other evidence.

Equipment required: Minimal, readily accessible and if there is any financial outlay it’s usually cheap cheap.

Technology:  Nope. Not really. We wanted to have a very technologically glitch free, hands on, time away from your screens, type of a programme and have pretty much nailed it.   In some instances there are activities which utilize apps or computers, but not many and there’s always other options.

What’s Included

  • Each Mission comes with a Mission Manual for distributing to all staff members
  • A guide with tips on how to ensure the game is a success
  • Mission Award Certificates
  • Posters and pictures to use to promote each Mission

Every purchase also includes a free entry into our Catch Fitness Workplace Challenge 2020, valued at $39. Your chance to win $1000 in cash and goodies.

Prizes trophy, dosh. Win big in our workplace Challenge

Release date:  May 30th, 2020

Purchase pre-release for 30% off these prices!

Option 1 – $29

Personal Use Only

Downloads Mission 1 Manual. Email us your completed Mission list for your electronic certificate.

Manual cannot be copied, transferred or provided to others in whole or part.

Additional Missions – $29.

Option 2 – $99

Mission 1 & 2 – Immediate Download

License to print or share electronically to all staff at your workplace – Mission Manuals 1 & 2, game guides, certificates, posters.


Additional Missions $50.

Option 3 – $199

Mission 1 – Delivered

Complete with everything already printed for 10 staff members. Delivered to your door.

Purchase additional hard copy manuals for $10 each plus postage.

Additional Mission kits – $199.

  • None of our material can be on sold. Our licenses do not permit you to charge for the manuals or any other resources, nor to alter the content in any way.