Catch Fitness Survive

Could you throw your pet 4 meters to save its life? How about crawl along the ground for 20 meters in a smoke filled building?  Could you whistle loudly to call attention using just two fingers, tie a knot that can be released with just one hand, walk for 2 km carrying a survival pack or collect fresh water from a tree? Do you know how to measure someone’s respiratory rate and what it means if it’s fast or slow, or how to measure if you have fully recovered from big days of working, training or partying!  Do you know why doing the occasional dietary recall is important and how to motivate yourself out of a funk?

We have put together 50 unique, hands on, survival themed tasks, divided into 4 L.I.F.E categories:- Lifestyle Intellect Food Exercise.  All designed to bring greater awareness to your survival fitness levels.  Smash out any 30 of them to survive!

Reassuring details

CF Survive Badge - Workplace Health and Fitness programmes
  • A wide range of fitness levels and abilities are catered for. Plus, there’s tons of choice as well as wheelchair friendly options.  Suitable for age 14+.
  • Programme duration: We suggest 20 weeks to complete 30 tasks, which gives people time to gain competency and confidence with the tasks, but everything from a half day event to a year are all viable options!
  • Solo and teams: Virtually all of the challenges can be done solo or in groups/teams.
  • Technology:  Nope. We purposefully designed a technologically glitch free, hands on, time away from your screens, type of a programme.   In rare instances there are activities which utilize apps or computers, but there’s always other options to them.
  • Task time: Some tasks only take a few minutes and are perfect for doing in the workplace. Others may take a few minutes over several days.  Others may take an hour or more and might be better suited to doing at home and with family members.  Because there is such a huge choice of tasks people can pick and choose to suit them in terms of the time they take and the equipment required.
  • Equipment required: For the most part it’s minimal and easily accessible like plastic bags, tennis balls, rulers etc. The most challenging tasks in this respect are a few that require use of a swimming pool. However, the pool tasks can be easily skipped.

Workplace package includes

  • Staff manual with details about how to do each task
  • Tips on how to ensure the game is a success
  • Award certificates
  • Posters and pics to promote the challenge
  • Evaluation questions to determine the success of the programme

Every purchase also includes a free entry into our Catch Fitness Workplace Challenge 2020, valued at $39. Your chance to win $1000 in cash and goodies.

Prizes trophy, dosh. Win big in our workplace Challenge

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Option 1 – $30

Personal Use Only

Download a manual with all 50 tasks in it.  Challenge yourself to complete any 30 of them to survive!

Resources licensed for personal use only.

Option 2 – $100

For Workplaces

Includes license to distribute to all staff at your workplace and their immediate family!

Run when and as often as you like.

Add on – $10 pp

Join the official challenge!

Enter the official 20 Week Survive Event starting May 11th, 2020 (now 24 weeks, starting April 11th).

Award certificates for all survivors!

  • None of our material can be on sold. Our licenses do not permit you to charge for the manuals or any other resources, nor to alter the content in any way.