Catch Fitness Survive

We have put together 50 unique, hands-on, survival-themed health and fitness challenges.   Smash out any 30 to survive!

They are divided into 4 L.I.F.E. categories: Lifestyle Intellect Food Exercise – all designed to bring greater awareness to your survival fitness levels.

A wide range of fitness levels and abilities are catered for.  There’s heaps of choice as well as wheelchair-friendly options.  Suitable for age 13+ with adult guidance.


  • Programme duration: We suggest 20 weeks to complete 30 tasks. This gives people plenty of time to gain competency and confidence with the tasks, but completing them in anything from a half-day event to a year, are all viable options.
  • Solo and teams: Virtually all of the challenges can be done solo or in groups or teams.
  • Technology:  We purposefully designed a technologically glitch-free, hands-on, time-away-from-your-screens type of programme.   In rare instances, there are activities which utilise apps or computers, but there is always a screen-free alternative.
  • Task time: Some tasks take just a few minutes and are perfect for doing in the workplace. Others may take a few minutes but over several days.  Others may take an hour or more and may be better suited for doing at home and with family members.  Because there is such a huge choice of tasks, people can pick and choose to suit themselves in terms of the time they take and the equipment required.
  • Equipment required: For the most part, this is minimal and easily accessible, like plastic bags, tennis balls, rulers etc. The most challenging tasks in this respect are the few that require the use of a swimming pool. However, pool tasks can be easily skipped.

Option 1 – $30

Personal Use Only

Download a manual with all 50 tasks in it. Complete any 30 of them to survive!  Pick up a $10 entry into the official challenge if you want a few more reasons to survive.

Resources licensed for personal use only.

Option 2 – $100

For Workplaces

  • Survive manual
  • Tips for workplaces to ensure the game is a success
  • Award certificates
  • Posters
  • Evaluation questions for your staff
  • License to distribute at your workplace
  • Run as often as you like
Prizes trophy, dosh. Win big in our workplace Challenge

Add on – $10 pp

Join the official challenge!

Enter the official Survive Event and complete 30 tasks before September 28th 2022.

Certificates for all survivors and even bigger certificates for being the fastest, oldest, mostest.

  • None of our material can be on-sold. Content cannot be altered in any way, nor distributed to anyone other than your current staff members for use while they are a current staff member, unless otherwise agreed in writing with us.  By purchasing our resources you agree to these conditions.