There’s plenty of good reasons to have walking talking meetings but what about all the people who don’t have any meetings scheduled in with others at their workplace?

Would they still benefit from a walk and talk?

Heck yeah and this month is their chance, and yours, to experience those benefits with our A K A Day challenge.

Reward staff for doing a 1 kilometre walk (about 12 -15 minutes), or wheeling for those in wheelchairs, with other staff members.  A great one to help break down barriers and help newbies get to know everyone. For teams WFH, just take a Zoomed in workmate with you on your phone and show each other your neighbourhood.

  • 20 points: For doing a 1 km with a staff member you haven’t walked/wheeled with that month.
  • 10 points: For doing a 1 km with a staff member you have walked/wheeled with that month.

Optional tweaks:

  • Run the challenge for 1 week instead of 1 month, or whenever a new staff member comes on board.
  • To assist everyone in connecting whip up a roster.
  • Add in extra points for photos, stories, walking outside or with staff from neighbouring workplaces.
  • Designate meeting points and a walking route – then put a few surprises along the route – like happy quotes or ‘happy birthdays’.
  • Use the challenge as a micro-break mid morning or afternoon post lunch to ward off those snoozey times.
  • Provide topics to chat about.

Have a health and fitness challenge ready to go for every month!