Fit Tips


10 Free Fit Tips

  1. Postural pains from lounging around
  2. Ditch the SADs with sunshine
  3. Strength training benefits
  4. Warning: new mums and running
  5. Walking: how to get more bang for your buck
  6. Partying tactics
  7. Retro walking benefits
  8. Having BHAGs of motivation
  9. Micro breaks for macro benefits
  10. Warding off drowsiness

These snappy health snippets are all less than 100 words and designed for easy sharing with your staff, customers, suppliers etc.

There is no copyright on them, or the accompanying pictures, for any workplace that has downloaded them directly from

Includes images to help you create a regular ‘Fit Tips’ corner, in your workplace material.

A Word Docx and PDF version included.

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