Fit Tips


What’s included

Edition 1: 10 snappy health snippets. All less than 100 words and designed for easy sharing with your staff, customers, suppliers, etc.

  1. Postural pains from lounging around
  2. Ditch the SADs with sunshine
  3. Strength training benefits
  4. New mums and running
  5. Walking tricks to improve fitness
  6. Healthy partying
  7. Retro walking benefits
  8. Motivation tools
  9. Micro breaks for macro benefits
  10. Warding off drowsiness
  • A Word Docx and PDF version are included as well as a choice of images to help you create a regular ‘Fit Tips’ corner, in your workplace material.
  • There is no copyright on these tips, or the accompanying pictures, for any workplace that has downloaded them directly from

Where to put the snippets to get most bang for buck

  • Turn the snippets into posters for the back of toilet doors, next to the kettle, or photocopier orΒ  other places where people are waiting and often without their phone πŸ˜‰
  • For those WFH, turn them into slides and use in them in online meetings before the meeting starts, or during break times i.e. times when people are waiting.

A better option

Yes there is one! Use local health and fitness professionals. The ones in your community. It’s a neat way for those pros to be able to promote themselves and it will also help your staff to connect with, and learn more about local providers. Avoid collecting ‘tips’ from the internet thinking they sound good or harmless. Using local pros will help ensure the advice being given out is actually correct, but yes, feel free to use our snippets in the meantime or in-between times πŸ™‚

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